Power of Commitment

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My Guest is Georgina Terry FCCA.

Georgina Terry

* Georgina Terry has over 17 years experience in developing people within global organizations to achieve

outstanding business results, including her direct reports in her Financial Management roles and external clients in her Change Management Consultant, Business and Career Coach roles.

* Georgina has worked successfully in England, Trinidad, Jamaica, Equatorial Guinea, USA and Canada demonstrating that she has very strong coaching and implementation skills and an ability to adapt quickly to different cultures.

* Georgina is very passionate about helping people tap into who they are, so that they can achieve their maximum potential.

* Georgina firmly believes that you need to develop people to deliver outstanding results and not deliver results to develop people.

* Georgia is a friend, colleague, my business partner, Career Coach, Entrepreneur, who has walked the path of leaving her job to creating a vision, her own business, partnerships and a career that are aligned with her values, strengths, and integrity.

Our Topic:Power of Commitment- What are you committed to?

What does the word commitment mean to you?

Where are you willing to take a leap of faith?

How do we know what we are really committed to?

What sort of challenges do you encounter once you make a commitment?

How do we uncover our underlying, conflicting commitments?

How do we keep ourselves away from our commitments?

How do you know what you are committed to in your job or career?

Coaching tips to help you discover your commitments?


Commit to Joining us Thursday Fourth 8:00pm EST and 8:00pm local Trini time.

Power of Intuition

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My Live First show is Thursday 27th September at 8:00pm.

Join me and my guest Karen Cappello at Empowering Space - Your Hour of Power.

We will explore the Power of Intuition -Strengthening the intuitive muscle.

What is intuition?

What blocks our intuition?

Why do we not trust our intuition?

How can we distinguish authentic intuition from vivid imagination?

What are some ways to enhance our intuition?

A look at some Intuitive Tools:

Exercise to develop your intuition.: Write a love letter to yourself. You will be amazed at what you uncover about yourself?

KarenKaren A. Cappello, CLC, PCC is a mentor coach, keynote speaker, and coach trainer. In her private practice, she supports coaches to achieve success with ease and joy. Karen brings over 25 years of experience and expertise from the fields of Business Management, Financial Services, and Higher Education to her practice. Karen is the Chief Learning Officer of International Coach Academy and also a Master Certified Inspired Learning Facilitator with the Foundation for Inspired Learning. She is credentialed through the International Coach Federation as a Professional Certified Coach.

Visit her at www.karencappello.com


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Transformation through Awareness, Reflection, Opportunity, and Truth.

I had the most awakening experience yesterday at the Joy’n the Journey workshop I co-facilitate with my friend and colleague Georgina Terry. The session was about acknowledgment so to make it fun and exciting, during our celebration of the participants’ acknowledgments we used the tarot deck to introduce a game . The object of the game was for each of the participants to acknowledge something in themselves, in others and have others acknowledge them.

No one present except myself had ever used the tarot, it was not introduced as the tarot, but as a card game, so that no one came to the game with any preconceived ideas, or beliefs.

It was simple. We spread out the cards in the centre of the participants, face down, and instructed them to choose four cards, explaining that whatever cards they chose would be the perfect card for them.

On looking at the cards you could see everyone’s face and attitude started to change, some of the cards had words or images that made them feel uncomfortable.

  • They wanted to change the cards,
  • They wanted to use another deck with happier faces
  • They could not imagine how to see something positive in some of the images
  • They did not know what the card meant
  • They wanted to have the right answer

I insisted that we carry on as I wanted to show them how varied everyones wisdom, experience and perspectives are. I shared with them that they would have to be open and listen to what their intuition was telling them. If they were open the answers would arise from within them. There are no right or wrong answers here, just different perspectives.
I asked them to look at the cards and choose one that represented Who they are now and share the significance of the card with others.

They needed to share something positive about the picture that acknowledges who they are. For some it was easy for others a bit challenging.

Next they were to choose a card that represents what empowers them - very interesting exercise. Some of the motivations were positive, while some were negative. Some were motivated in seeking of pleasure while others in the avoidance of pain.

The twist came when they had to shuffle the two remaining cards in their hands and face down choose a card without seeing the image. The chosen card would now represent something for which you would be acknowledged by each person in the group. This was challenging for most, as they had left the cards that made them feel uncomfortable in their hands. This represented blind spots.

Once again I asked each participant to focus on something positive for which to acknowledge the person. It was amazing to see how each person had interpreted the card, what they saw in each card, yet never having used the cards or aware of the traditional meanings, had each touched on one of these meanings and added another dimension.

Each person could not see anything positive for themselves, yet by the end of this round each person had acknowledged them for something different and had come together with their perspectives to see the essence of the person.

The last card was a gift you could either give to the group or any one particular person as a gift, or acknowledgment.

These were the cards that were the most difficult for them to look at in the beginning, but now they were able to see the value of the pain, the shadow, the darkness, and find the light they needed to shine for the group or person.

Everyone was joyous, playful, excited, energized, enthusiastic and enlightened by the experience. It opened their eyes to other peoples’ perspectives and saw the benefit of listening and learning from shared perspectives. They also got to learn something new about themselves that they can now acknowledge.

Another empowering workshop - I was awakened and enlightened to see T.A.R.O.T. in action.

The transformation from closed minds to open minds and hearts through awareness, reflection, opportunity - different perspectives, and the truth. Tapping in to their own truth, their inner wisdom and intuition.

W.O.W. moment - Women of Worth.

Why are we afraid to shine?

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Why are we afraid to see the light in ourselves and others?

How do we keep ourselves small?

Power tool: Acknowledgments vs Compliments

Compliment: is said in admiration, praise or flattery, it’s on the surface and it is more about the observer than the recipient.

eg. I like that dress, the colour red looks good on you.

Acknowledgment: speaks to the underlying essence quality or value that is unique or special to a person, it is done in a very measured way, it honours something unique, special, it is a gift. You recognize the specialness and value of those around you. It is paying attention to how someone touches your life and impacts the world. The value comes not just from doing but from being. It is honouring and recognizing the value in yourself and others. When acknowledging someone it is as though whatever action is stopped, you are fully present. You are present with your thoughts and feelings.

eg. You have such a creative and stylish way of putting your clothes together. You have such a strong sense of flare, you are attractive and innovative, you inspire me to try new things and be creative.

What makes it so difficult for us to acknowledge ourselves or to receive acknowledgments from others ?

* Is it that society or education has so focused on what is missing or what is wrong, or trying to correct a weakness, we have forgotten how to look for what is right, working and strong?
* Do we feel like we are boasting or “tooting your own horn,” if you acknowledge something about yourself?
* Do you feel others will not agree with you?
* Do we feel embarrassed, ashamed to stand out?
* Does it feel unsafe, untrue, unreal?
* Do you feel left behind when you acknowledge others?
* What are we afraid of by acknowledging others or by acknowledging ourselves?
* What would happen if you gave yourself and others more credit?

How do we deflect acknowledgments?

* By laughing it off
* By correcting someone and using your own words
* By making it less than it really is
* By making a joke of it
* By keeping ourselves small
* By engaging in cross talk with another
* By adding your own comments

In what area of your life, would you like to acknowledge yourself more?

Acknowledgment is a gift, do not deflect it. When you deflect it it is like giving a gift back to the giver saying: I don’t want it. I don’t like your gift. It does not fit. I’m sure this is for someone else, not me.

How can you receive acknowledgment?

* Be open to receiving it as the gift it is
* Maintain eye contact with the person who is giving it and open your heart to receive
* A simple “Thank You” let’s the person know that you have heard and received the acknowledgment.
* Refrain from “cross talk” - talking to someone else - or comments back to the person giving you the acknowledgment

How can I give only authentic, positive acknowledgment and support?

* Be authentic
* Keep it simple and to the essence of what you experience
* Maintain eye and heart contact with the person to whom you are giving support
* Notice if you want to criticize, give unsolicited advice, counseling or consulting and release it without saying anything.

Action Tip:

Acknowledge three people today.

Find five things for which you can acknowledge yourself.

What we focus on expands so practice a positive focus and connect with your heart. What you perceive in others strengthen in yourself.

A Glimpse of Tarot

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Using Tarot Images as an empowerment tool in coaching.

The most basic information that a coach would need to know is that the tarot deck consists of 78 cards- 22 Major Arcana archetypal symbol of man/woman’s inner journey through life and its lessons, 56 Minor Arcana – divided into 40 “pip” or numbered cards- represent the outer life and environments and 16 Court cards – aspects of personality or people in your life. The 56 Minor cards are divided into four suits. Wands, Cups, Swords and Pentacles. I have included some extra information. The tarot is a rich source of metaphors.

WandsWands,rods – fire energy, ignite, combust, illuminate - passion, inspiration, desire for growth-find value only in the meaning of an experience and have a purpose behind every action.

How can I creatively express who I am?
What inspires me and gets me fired up?

CupsCups – water energy, reflect, immerse, turbulent, buoyant, flow- emotions, love, relationships, imagination- provide nurturance, open to inner feeling, connectedness to others.
What are my emotional needs and how can I meet them?

What emotions are flooding me?

How receptive am I to this idea?


    Swords – air energy, invention, communication, refinement, intellect – they dissect ideas think about it, talk about it, struggle with it, organize it, cut through anything focused on the issue- they judge solely on logic and reason, they thrive on the exchange of ideas and communication.

    What is the philosophy of life and how does my lifestyle reflect that philosophy?
    What needs to be communicated?

    How am I defending myself and my ideas?
    What is clouding the issue?

    PentaclesPentacles – earth energy, develop, manifest, embody, grounded, establish a new sense of security, - home, money, traditions, control or power, things we value and rewards for work well done.

    What are my physical and security needs and how do I meet them? What do I value?
    How can I become more grounded?

    How am I trying to establish security?
    What is the diamond in this dust heap?

    The suits alone help us understand on what level the client is dealing with the issue spiritual, emotional, mental and physical. The symbols help us create metaphor and language to build rapport with the client.

    The Court Cards are divided into four categories within each suit:

    Pages-open and willing to take risks, messengers, study, learn, try out

    Knights- adventurers, seeking new opportunities and insights, acquire new skills, expansion

    Queens – embody maturity, stable, receptive, nurturing, understand what must be done to bring ideas into reality, inner and interpersonal mastery-Tell you what to do

    Kings-mastery and maturity, commanding, outer accomplishments- Show you how to do it.

    Number cards or PIP Cards

    Ace- new energy, the realm of greatest potential, beginning, focus, new opportunities

    Two- Choice, opposing energies, partnering, balance, decision

    Three- creativity, co-operation, integration, blending, expression

    Four – rest, realization, order, foundation, structure,

    Fives – crisis, change, adversity, disturbance, conflict, difficulties, problem-solving

    Sixes- choice, knowledge, support, collaboration, harmony, accomplishment

    Sevens – challenges, tests, effort, taking chances, imagination and experiment, uncertainity

    Eights – adjustments, acknowledgements, re-evaluation, redirection, efficiency, movement

    Nines – limits, strengths, restoration, repose, culmination, completion

    Tens –necessity, wholeness completion and new beginning, responsibilities, community, transformation

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