Power of Enrolling Others - Giving oneself over to Possibility


Frank Marinko

Frank Marinko, is an entrepreneur, business coach, and master coach trainer. In his corporate practice, he supports business owners and managers to achieve success by being passionate about communication, people and profit. Frank also trains teachers in the Australian education system to be learning coaches to pre-teen primary school children. Frank brings over 25 years of experience and expertise from the fields of Business Ownership, Venture Capital, Financial Software Services, and Ontological Education to his practice.

Frank is the executive coach at Power Bridge Management and also a graduate from International Coaching Academy in Master Coach Training, Leadership and Management. He is credentialed through the International Coach Federation as a Associate Certified Coach. Frank is discussing today the power of communication and having what you want in life. This is the context that he impacts with all of his clients.

  • What do you really want in your life?
  • What are you truly committed to?
  • How committed are you to getting the results you really want?
  • What possibility could you commit to, today?

Frank will be my special guest on Thursday 1st November, 8:00pmEST of Trini Local time. Please come join us.


Tiny Miracles


This was such a moving story that came to me in my email, I had to find space to put it up in my articles, as we too had a black Labby called Suede who had to be put down last Christmas. It was an agonizing and painful experience for the entire family. He had cancer and it was too painful to watch his health deteriorate while he suffered, so we had the vet come home where he was comfortable and surrounded by all his loved ones. We had him for eight loving, joyous and fun filled years.

Being a labrador he loved to swim, so he swam regularly in our pool and did laps with my husband every time he went to do his exercise. Whenever my husband tried to get away from him and would go under water, he would swim circles above his head to mark the spot where he was until my husband would run out of breath. If any of the children were playing rough in the pool, he would jump in and put his mouth gently on their arms and drag them out of the pool, that became a game for the children when they were younger. We miss him dearly.

“There is still compassion on this Earth . . read this very moving story . . . tiny miracles take place everyday , if we just take the time to notice.

Meredith’s Mother wrote……..

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Power of Questions- Change your questions, Choose your Life


1.gifLindsay Tighe



Lindsay is the CEO of Inspirational Coaching and an executive coach and trainer who has worked in the corporate world for 20 years. She has been coaching and training managers and executives for over five years and before finding her true passion in coaching and training, Lindsay was an Administration Manager where she had responsibility for leading a team of 50 people.

Lindsay combines her coaching and training with tools that effectively gauge a true understanding of people so that meaningful and personalized strategies are used to achieve the desired results.

Lindsay also self published a beautiful boxed set of 48 self coaching cards. Each card invites the reader to answer some reflective questions about different aspects of their life with the intention of creating greater self-awareness, which has proved to result in better choices that then lead to positive change. To date, the cards have traveled to customers as far as the United Kingdom, USA, Denmark, Germany, Switzerland and Turkey.

Please come experience the power of the cards with us on Thursday 25th October. 8:00pm EST or 8:00pm local Trini timeWe will explore the power of questions, and how changing our questions can open us up to more choice in our lives.

  • What is the primary difference between people who are successful and people who are not?
  • What are the primary questions that are currently shaping your life?
  • What is the best question you have ever been asked or asked yourself?

You can purchase her deck of cards Choose Your Life here

Power of Vision- Creating a vision for your life.

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julieannephoto.jpgJulie-Anne has experience in counseling, coaching and lifs worked with individuals for over 15yrs. In private practice, adolescent and family counseling, mediation, drug and alcohol rehabilitation counseling, social work and workshop presentation.

Her mission as a coach is to support men and women who are ready to know and live their heart’s desires. People who are on their journey of self discovery and soul growth and are ready for transformation.


Join us Thursday 18th October, 8:00pm EST or 800pm Trini Local time, as we discuss the Power of Vision:

What vision of yours is wanting and awaiting to become a reality?

What would stop that vision from becoming a reality?

What does your soul want you to express through your vision?

Tonight’s show was pre-recorded on account of the time differences. The chat window will remain open for the hour, where you will be able to ask me questions and if you would like I can pull a card from my Soul Coaching deck-

What does your soul want you to know?

Power of Purpose - Create a Life on Purpose

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Dr. Brad Swift*Dr. Brad Swift is the founder and Director of Life On Purpose Institute, a leading life purpose coach, and a prolific author and speaker. Dr.Swift is living proof that individuals can harness the power of purpose to reinvent themselves. Twenty years ago he was a successful veterinarian with a thriving business practice, but was filled with frustration and fatigue. He set out to transform his life, becoming a well received writer, renowned speaker, and revered coach that has touched millions through his inspiring and thought provoking articles, speaking engagements, and one-on-one coaching work. He founded Life Purpose Institute in 1996 with the mission to deeply and profoundly touch and contribute to peopleā€™s lives with joy that comes with knowing oneā€™s life purpose and living true to it.

*His book Life on Purpose: Six Passages to an Inspired Life is filled with powerful tips, strategies, questions, actions that will assist you in uncovering your purpose.

Here are some questions to get you ready for participating in our show. This show is one you will not want to miss and this book is a treasure and keepsake. Go to my online store under coaching books you will find it there. Quick and easy steps to purchase.

What does purpose mean?

What is your perspective on a life purpose?

Why should I be interested or motivated by clarifying my life purpose?

What is in it for me? What are some of the key benefits in knowing and living your purpose?

How will it enhance your life?

How will it enhance other peopleā€™s lives?

The most intriguing questions in his book: if your life is always being shaped by something, what shapes your life when you are not clear what your life purpose is?

Join me on an Empowering Space this Thursday 11th October, 8:00pm EST, where you will have the opportunity to ask questions, learn powerful tools and techniques to begin to uncover your purpose, and open up to a Life on Purpose Perspective .



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