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I desire the blossoming of my Soul. Can you Help me?

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This is a passage taken from the book The Promise: Revealing the Purpose of your Soul written by Therese Tappouini.

I desire blossoming of my Soul. Can you help me?

Beloved, you hear my voice. there is no water to sprinkle on the flower of your Soul - it is all about light: the light of forgiveness, the light of love: the sunshine of non-judgment. You open petal by petal as you give of yourself in service to love and spirit. Desire opens you,love releases the velvet scent recognized by other Souls. It is a garden like no other. Taste the colours! Smell generousity! In this way, Heaven is revealing herself to you.

What action can I take right away? I do want to be pleasing to spirit.

Every action you take leads you toward or away from your Soul’s growth. There is no mistaking which is which. Your body is the sensing device for your spirit. It tells you when your action is good or bad for you through its finely tuned feedback system - a generous gift from God. Increase your awareness of its signals as they are instant and recognizable. When you act against your spirit, you will experience distress somewhere in your body. It is different for each of you. Joy, contentment, relief are the signs of right action in your sensory self. Awareness is all that matters.

This was one of the passages that jumped out of the pages and spoke to me on a very profound level, especially the line “Every action you take leads you toward or away from your Soul’s growth.”

I began to think of all the actions I had taken for the week, which ones were leading to my Souls’ growth, which were leading me away?

This is a profound thought on which to ponder, meditate or begin your day!

If everyday I moved into each day with this awareness what would my life look like?

What actions have you taken today?

Our bodies are truly “tuning forks”, with awareness we open up our connections with our intuition, our self, our guides, our creator. We become aware of all the limiting beliefs, thoughts or actions we take and we can then align them to what feels true for us.

Listen for your truth! Listen to the beat of your drum- your heart!

Read about and listen to Therese Tappouni

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