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Power of Inquiry - questions that connect you with your intuition

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How can we remember our spirit in the midst of negative situations?

How can we create authentic power?

It is so difficult in the midst of a heated argument or some challenging situation in your life  to remember that this circumstance is designed for your benefit.  If you can hold the thought that, no matter what circumstance is showing up in your life and how challenging it may be, it is designed for your spiritual growth.

  • How could holding that thought allow you to see the situation differently?
  • How could the process of inquiry serve you?
  • What powerful questions might help you connect with your intuition?
  • How will you recognize your intuition or inner voice?
  • What could you learn from the situation?
  • What could you learn about yourself?
  • How could you become the person you want to be?
  • How could inquiry and your intuition reconnect you with your essential nature?

Join me, Lydia Mattison,  on Thursday 25th at 8:00pm EST Empowering Space - Your Hour of Power.

My guest this week is Julie L. Cusmariu.  Julie is an Intuitive Consultant & Life Coach who specializes in connecting individuals to their intuition to live a more meaningful and inspiring life.  She assists individuals in awakening to their life purpose and authentic self. Julie cares deeply about leading individuals on a journey towards greater self-discovery and endless possibilities. You can read Julie’s Intuition Blog at www.juliecusmariu.com/blog.

Ask yourself:
“Who do I know would most benefit from this show?
Be quiet for a moment and sense the answer coming from within you.
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Visit this link to see Inquiry in action with Byron Katie and The Work
THE WORK on the web
Judge your neighbour worksheet
Instructions for doing the work
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