Growing up in a home where divorce was always a lurking shadow, I experienced anxiety, upheaval, separation, and have since been committed to creating quality relationships in my life.

I am happily married for the past  31 years to the man of my dreams. We share our lives with three amazing children. They inspire me every day and motivate me toLydia Mattison contribute to the world and to see life for the wonderful thing it is. Marriage and Motherhood shows my commitment, responsibility, generosity, and loyalty. It has made me a good listener, communicator, and team player, all of which are essential skills for an ideal coach.

Our Family Business has taught me many organizational skills. Multi-tasking, prioritizing and motivating have proven to be valuable skills in coaching. I am responsible for the creative aspects of the business, research, designs and finishes. In this business we focus on creating external beauty, while I now assist my clients through coaching in making their life a creative expression of who they are. Once we feel beautiful on the inside we cannot help but radiate that brilliance on the outside, so that it affects all areas of our lives and touches all of our relationships. Awareness lets us see the beauty in our lives and by transforming from the inside out, we are able to put our spirit into action.

I have also been able to connect with people, through the hosting of a series of intuitive workshops and one-day seminars with a motivational speaker. Because of meaningful life changing experiences in grief, which began at the age of 15 when I lost my brother, I have been able to talk with and help others walk through the process of grieving and healing. It has taught me empathy and compassion.

I believe that I have been unofficially coaching all of my life, even before I knew there was a name for it, because of this I was inspired to enroll in a training program with an international organization - The International Coach Academy - accredited by the International Coaching Federation. I have had both the experience of being coached and coaching others and I am part of an extremely resourceful coaching community. Having graduated a Certified Professional Life Coach from ICA, I have continued studies in many additional areas,group coaching, body centered coaching, transformational presence coaching, graphic recording, and enneagram training.  I am continually learning and training, and I am passionate and inspired to work with the Enneagram, a profound and comprehensive tool for self awareness, and creating meaningful and lasting relationships, both personally and professionally.

I work with clients who are overwhelmed, confused, and stressed, by love, life, and loss and who are seeking to rediscover who they are, remove obstacles, find direction, get clarity, build confidence and make powerful changes. With the invaluable wisdom of the enneagram, I support them in rediscovering their who they are, so they are aware of their unique gifts to the world. I bring their brilliance into focus. Working with the enneagram we are able to transform self defeating behaviours into life enhancing empowering choices. All there is between you and success is a little AWARENESS.

I also work with clients who are suffering silently and alone in grief and need help to move through the process to restore heart and soul to the quality of life.

All you need is an empowering space, the space to focus on you.