My Coaching Philosopy:

Awareness - We, as coaches, believe that the client knows all of the answers. We ask powerful questions which invokes the client to explore their inner wisdom. It is a journeySUPPORT of self-discovery where you discover your values, skills, interests, passions, and ambitions.

Acceptance – Everyone is perfect, whole and complete exactly where they are.

Responsibility – You, the client, are responsible for your thoughts, words and the actions you take. It implies choice, self-motivation and self-reliance. When you consciously choose your responses to life, you purposely create the life you desire. The coach is there to support and believe in you, even when you do not believe in yourself.

Acknowledgment- We acknowledge and honour who the client is, as he/she accomplishes whatever action he/she takes, or the level of awareness that he/she achieves in the process.

Change – We work on the inner to transform the outer. Coaching is action based: by doing we discover.

Partnership – It is a co-creative partnership. We help the client to become aware.

Confidentiality - A trusting environment where what you share is totally confidential.

I design the coaching sessions according to the client’s agenda, what is important to you.- the client. The client gives feedback to the coach, to inform them of what is working for them, while the coach keeps the client on target with their goals.