“Working with Lydia through the Tarot Cards/coaching we were able to find crystal clarity where I did not even see an issue. It was an amazing empowering process using my intuition and have her hold a space for me to recognize two major self- limiting beliefs that were effecting many areas of my life. Through her gentle coaching techniques, I am now able to receive love from my partner instead of running away, receive money from other sources besides family and generously allow others to support me at all times. Thank you, this has saved me time, energy and generated an abundance in all areas of my life.”

Rachel Quigg , Life Coach, Victoria, British Columbia, Canada.

“THANK YOU! I know it was short notice but you were able to pull through with this workshop. I am the one who should be grateful.
I believe the universe is perfect and when we do things with elevated consciousness, the outcomes are perfect. So in this case, you worked with wonderful energy and every one was able to benefit.

I was able to get specific feedback from all those I spoke with afterwards. Most people agreed that they were impacted by the balance wheel, as it helped them immediately to analyse and start correcting problems. I can see where more details and time on this item may benefit further workshops. It was also a revelation to know that we can voluntarily be each others’ coaches to some extent, and on a daily basis. I am in fact, seeing this done in school in a more thoughtful and visible way by everyone.

Those who had the cards read were astounded.

You were great and everyone loved you ….. the desire to share and the love you project endear you to even the most hostile audience, and believe me, our staff is no walkover. Take advantage of these qualities.

I am also glad you took this challenge. Most of us did not have any idea what to expect, so few people had preconceived expectations. This allowed the group needs to be expressed and addressed more freely. To some extent the group was able to direct the flow and content of the session. I suppose this is how it is intended to be though. Important issues and ideas were addressed and everyone was involved.

I personally benefited most by observing and learning more about my staff and their needs. This was a particular blessing for me that would not have happened otherwise.”

Perhaps a follow up will be good, so let’s work towards this. Thank you and great job!

ps… your first session was baptism by fire…..only you did not know it……..congratulations for a job well done!”

Sandra Haduar. St. Augustine Community College, Trinidad

Thank you so much for the amazing opportunity to be on your radio show. You are a gifted interviewer, and your passion for coaching and helping others clearly shines through! I enjoyed being your guest and offering the Art Guidance Cards as well as the short sample session with you and your listeners.
I look forward to future shows and working with you together!” -

Karin Bauer, Master Guidance Coach and Inspirit Artist.

www.GuidanceCoach.com www.GuidanceCards.com


Dear Lydia,
I am still in awe after this amazing session. The pattern showed up so clearly and I think you have a fascinating tool in your hands. The way you are integrating both the inner story with the cards is very powerful.

Being able to actually see a picture in each card was extremely helpful. I could see how watching the cards was helping me go freely into my inner story… Being so visual myself: I LOVED IT! The cards are beautiful and very rich. It seemed the cards were actually talking to me and your immediate repeating what I had just said was really key for understanding that I create the pattern AND that I also CAN create a way to dissolve it !!!
WOW! Is that powerful! Great timing!
-I “saw” you listening, giving me the space I needed to get into every card, never rushing and the benefit was that I felt heard, it was MY story and not your interpretation.
-I also felt totally supported and not judged.
-At some point you pinpointed some key things like”asking me what do you see here and there and so it helped my inner exploration.
-I also loved when -from your own tarot knowledge- you told me what the rabbit was about…just after I was telling you about my fear.
-Your voice was clear and neutral and made me feel invited.
-I felt your presence. You were waiting for me to discover my own story. Never putting words in my mouth . That presence has a huge impact. I felt everything was coming from me and so it gave me a sense of being powerful and resourceful.
-I saw your creativity in this exquisite way of working with your cards. For a Scorpio four type, this is is very appealing!


Isabelle Lugo. Puerto Rico. http://www.time4coaching.com