Starting - March 10th 2007 thru March 2008

JOY’N IN THE JOURNEY - An annual event

A series of twelve workshops over the next year. A journey of self-discovery. A journey shared with new found friends who will support each other in achieving all they want in the coming year. A Journey with new visions, new perspectives, new attitudes.

A journey filled with joy, purpose and fulfillment.

We will meet once a month for the next twelve months and enjoy the Journey of discovery. Gain clarity, awareness, focus, and build your confidence. The workshop assists you in achieving balance in your life, it has an integral approach.Joy’nthe Journey

What dreams have you given up on?

What goals have you forgotten?

What is missing?

What is really important to you?

What is your vision?

Who are you?

What do You want?

How are you going to get there?

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Joy’n the Journey Flyer

Joy’n the Journey Testimonial

Question 1 : What attracted you to commit to this workshop?

The name of the workshop. The words “joy” and “journey” jumped out at me.

Question2: What were the reasons for joining?

  • Firstly, the goals and objectives were in alignment with the goals and objectives I had for my life.
  • Secondly, eleven years ago I had a very painful experience in my life. A year after that, I received a letter from Lydia whom I had never met before. . This marked the beginning of my healing process. After reading the letter, I intuitively knew that Lydia was meant to be one of my teachers in this life.
  • Thirdly, I felt that I needed to connect with new people in my life.

Question 3: What did you like most about it?

  • The fellowship and sharing amongst the group
  • The meditations.
  • I got over the cards phobia. I collect cards now!
  • Our coaches were very effective listeners. Everyone in the group became effective listeners. Everyone’s story was important. At times. When I spoke, I felt so connected yet I felt that I was the only person in the room because everyone listened wholeheartedly and what I had to say. The moment belonged to me.
  • We laughed a lot

Question 4: What difference has it made in your life?

  • Growth and clarity. I now live my life with attention and very little worry… I am working towards “without worry
  • I use my time in a more worthwhile way.
  • I keep my thoughts pure and positive as much as I can, and filled with strength.
  • I have a strong desire to get to a higher level of learning and consciousness.
  • I can easily let go of things and see the difference between the “experience” and the “person who I am”

Question 5: What improvements would you like to see in the future?

Nothing really. Once we start at the point of acceptance in our life…improvements are bound to happen. The workshop must be conducted based on the group dynamics. Of course you must have guidelines to follow, but its the group that makes the workshop effective or not.

Question 6: What would you like to see included?

Nothing. We never seemed to run out of things to share or talk about. Keep the spontaneity going!

Question 7: How would you like to continue the journey?

  • Level 2 – maybe flower groups – Guidelines to start these groups within our own circle of friends.
  • The empowerment must come from the participants themselves. We must now bring about the change we want to see. The need and strength must come from within.

Question 9: What additional support would you have liked to receive from the facilitators?

I received just the amount of support I needed. My facilitators (friends) were effective listeners who celebrated the smallest details of my life and the biggest event. They were available and not intrusive in any way. This works for me.
E. Cadet

Port of Spain, TRINIDAD W.I.

Journeyer – Joy’n the Journey Workshop 2007